Mixtape for the Street Sweepers (20th at Worlds, 4-1 CoL, Un

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For Crown of Lasers I agreed to be the team's Shaper/NBN player, the factions I played i my very first tournaments which still hold a dear place in my heart even if I now stray elsewhere a bit more often.

For runner I decided to play Aesop's Hayley, it being an archetype I have a lot of experience with and one that has given me decent competitive success. The lists have seen a lot of variation since the old Pitchfork days with trips to the Circus, the Beach and a foray into the Music Industry but all feature the similar core principles of versatility on top of a solid economic engine.

As the worlds MWL effectively killed the Engolo lists I began to focus more on the compile/Brahman style with Stargate as the key late game tool. Initially I found these lists very difficult to play as I would often find my breakers were not where I needed them (Cyber-Cypher locked to a central or D4v1d in stack with no way to get it out to break the remote) but they were putting up results elsewhere so I worked on my play and mulligan strategies and began to see improvement.

My list ended up pretty close to what @TugtetguT played (and in fact matches @Rjorb's from Sydney Regionals) - I dropped 1 Paricia for a Freedom Through Equality to give a faster out vs 6 agenda decks or sports combo when I am stargating everything and I took Ika instead of Na'Not'K as it gives me a second good breaker vs Tour Guide and has good numbers otherwise despite sometimes being fiddly. I also didn't bother with a Feedback Filter which probably meant my matchup vs IG and certainly Kakugo decks was worsened but I successfully dodged all of those in the main event.

I wasn't entirely set on taking this for Worlds itself but at Crown of Lasers it felt very good and I went 4-1 and leaving me comfortable sticking with it. My team (A Bunch of Appealing Chaps in our fetching banana attire) made a very respectable 8th and had an absolute blast.

Why Mixtape for the Street Sweepers?

Dark Blessings

On the morning of Worlds I was standing outside the metro station in Rotterdam waiting for part of the UK crew to leave their weird Escher-hostel not paying much attention to my surroundings when suddenly a street sweeper drove right past me.

I was pondering this close call when it turned round and passed me once again.

Immediately I began to wonder what sign the universe was trying to give me about my Worlds performance.

Was I going to be swept?

Was I going to be the sweeper?

I split my first two rounds (Hayley beat Blue Sun on time and Mushin Aginfusion by guessing right) - clearly the sweeper had been trying to tell me that by going past twice in opposite directions.

With this newfound understanding I proceeded to sweep my next two rounds (Hayley beating Rude Outfit and Jinja Next) putting me back on track for day 2

I then split round 5 (beating Tigerbread RP with a very strong Hayley start and early paricias) and ID'd 6 and 7 to go into day 2 on 9-5, the minimum required but still the best of my three worlds performances.

The Sweeper Returns

On the morning of day 2 I am once again at the metro station but this time inside due to rain and slightly earlier due to needing to make registration.

I hear the low roar of an engine coupled with the hiss of brushes - The Sweeper is back!

This time I know to pay attention to his signs

He... drives around the building

Circling me four times

Then drives past and away to the next task

I try to catch his eye but he stares straight ahead

His purpose is clear and requires no acknowledgement from me

I question if there has even been a Sweeper as no-one else has been present to bear witness

I arrive at the venue and register, confirm that I need to... Sweep out to make top 16

Pairings go up and I sit down

My opponent does not appear

A mistake, they were to be dropped

I get awarded a bye, a free sweep

Round 2 my opponent and I agree to just play and I successfully sweep (vs Argus with another strong Hayley start)

The Sweeper cast a spell of some sort, blessed me at the event and gave me the points I needed to make the finals...

Anyway I came 20th due to SoS and so then went and lost a couple games of Chaos in the Old World

12 Oct 2019 Sixtyten

Great writeup. All hail the sweeper!

23 Oct 2019 Vortilion

Not getting the hang of it... :-( it seems all this bouncing and reinstalling of icebreakers takes way too much credits, more than i have in every game... whats the optimal play here?

25 Oct 2019 tantale

Have you thought about replacing Cache with Harbinger? The 0MU and the fact that it's Brahman food seem relevant.

11 Nov 2019 E.J.Olmos

@Vortilion it's tricky to say really, you want to get tech writers up when needing to bounce stuff for the extra value and lots of Hayley triggers to minimise clicks. Also setting things up on turns where you don't need to react to the corp - for example having CyCy on R&D for Stargating but breaking last ice with Brahman to bounce it so you can proco it back to hand then drop it via a Clone Chip, SMC or Compile fire on the remote run. Same with Lady. You can make serious bank with the econ cards and proco and lots of the breakers make things very cheap. The trickiest matchups are sometimes big ice decks like blue sun as they can really tax your recursion but you can often win right at the end of your options - the deck often has only just enough gas to get over the line.

@tantale Harbinger has been in the list before and may well be worth considering again post rotation but it doesn't give money immediately like cache and if you Aesop's it you lose your Hayley trigger that turn. Can't Brahman it when facedown either (not that you can brahman cache either) so it gets a bit tricky compared to paricia which has extra benefit in assets matchups.

I don't often feel too pressured on MU with this list, you can often Brahman things around to get Leprechaun if it shows up late.