SnARES - Splitsville in American Continentals

NinjaMike 266

This deck came about when trying to brainstorm kind of at the last minute what to play for American Continentals, when someone else in the Toronto meta reminded me that I played Sync last year in regionals and did pretty well. Then I remembered that Snare! is an amazing card and put it in for lols, but it ended up winning a bunch of games when I was practicing so I kept them in.

The real tragedy is that exactly 0 of my 6 opponents (I ID'd into top half in round 7) ran into a Snare over the course of the day.

The dream play (which I didn't manage to do this tournament) is when the runner runs last click against NBN, they hit a snare, and then I kill them with a High-Profile Target next turn. SYNC is a great ID for this because tags cost 3 to remove and that 1 extra credit makes runners a lot more hesitant to remove them, especially after a Hard-Hitting News.

AR-Enhanced Security makes Snares even more fun because that's now 2 tags to trash from hand.

The 3 games I won, were all due to Hard-Hitting News relatively early, and then playing High-Profile Target for the kill. Two games I lost against Shaper (1 Hayley, 1 Kit who was on Apocalypse) they got Misdirection out early and I don't have much of a plan after than. My other loss was against Adam, and my deck barfed agendas everywhere, even after I discarded them and shuffled them back with Preemptive Action.

Cyberdex Sandbox is there as a way to get money when scoring or purging after, although they didn't make that much of a difference for me during the day. Closed Accounts is in my opinion the best tag punishment after the kill, because it can just cripple the runner when they think they are safe with just 1 tag.

Even though I came right into the middle of the pack with this, my friend Joshua Quinlan (of Jinteki Biotech fame) got to 20th place by playing better than me, and swapping out 1 snare for an Archived Memories)

Thanks to all my opponents for giving me a great day, and thanks to the members of the Torsaug community, who continue to encourage me to tune my stupid decks into something that can win games.