Adam: Rogue Anarchist

Evilpyro24 136


When you stumble home at 3am the night before a store championship, and realise that you haven't sleeved the runner deck you originally wanted to go with, what do you do?

Well, the answer was apparently to grab the best minifaction runner that you took to pubrunner the previous week, swapping out an RNG Key for a Shadow Net.


Angrily text your friend when you can't find said card, flip a coin on whether you think Councilman or the third RNG Key would be a better call, and slot your Anti-Titan option. Crash out, get a solid four hours of sleep, and depart for Stevenage with a crushing hangover.

Next step is to go 2-3 with Adam, and blame your losses on bad matchups. Seriously, the gods of Netrunner must hate me, because I played my worst matchup (AgInfusion) three times that day. I really expected more Azmari, and Adam's early aggression can be extremely helpful in dealing with Skorp and Titan.

Game 1 versus Jemison was a loss when I horribly misplayed, allowing for the rez of an Ice Wall that got to strength 10, courtesy of Anson Rose. Lesson learned.

Game 2 versus @kikai's AgInfusion new-Hydra build was another loss. A 50/50 chance to run the correct server to prevent a score out resulted in me faceplanting an Excalibur, and feeling very sad. Also, this further confirmed the existence of the mythical Cambridge Curse.

Game 3 versus @rotage's spicy AgInfusion build was an uphill struggle from the off, with a turn 1 celebrity gift showing me two Scarcity of Resources, and another one on the top of R&D. Horrible, crushing defeat followed, as I paid 6 to run through News Hounds several times, but couldn't find a single agenda.

Game 4 versus Skorp. Skorp is actually an ok matchup, as your early game aggression can grab you some points, and your ability to gather information means that you can predict what will become problematic later on in the game. Victory, but only after running through an Archer on HQ 3 times. Rough for MKUltra.

Game 5 versus AgInfusion. Hammered centrals with an early turtle out, found the first Obokata, and leveraged the increase in hand size into a victory, as any good Adam player should. Hunting Grounds MVP against the Grail ICE suite that Dave Hamilton was running.

Further consideration of this deck is that MKUltra is a terrible card, and you should run 2-of Femme Fatale instead. I sort of wish I'd been on The Shadow Net at times, but I still think Councilman was probably a good include in a field that was so dominated by Skorp and Titan.

Great games all around, and thank you to all my opponents!

15 Apr 2018 NtscapeNavigator

I considered council man in my Adam list but ultimately went with a 1 of overmind for late game pushes (it gets an insane amount of counters).

I agree you should be running femme, I run THREE in mine, Ecreat -> Femme -> Femme is just rude, and having the full playset solidifies that happening.

Happy to see someone bar this crazy chick likes Adam still. :)

15 Apr 2018 Evilpyro24

Overmind is a very good call. If anything, I think I'd be inclined to drop a Multithreader for one, and try to find a way of reinstalling it multiple times (Scavenge?). Councilman was a 3am meta call, when I realised that I had no line of play against my own Titan deck, and that a Councilman would totally hose a third of my fast advance options. Not that it actually mattered in the end, as I didn't play a single Titan all day, but I still think it was a good call at the time.

The Sentry breaker problem is one that I discussed on the train down with some of the other Cambridge meta lot. The answer is actually that Aumakua is your sentry breaker later on in the game, but that can leave you horribly vulnerable to purges. Contaminate might be some spice of choice to recover from a purge a bit quicker.

I've had a lot of fun with Adam, and even if he has his terrible matchups (Ag, looking at you), he's still a powerhouse in the early game, that can really leverage that into a win if the game goes on longer.