BANGERANG - Bay Area GNK Winner

pj20 1454


It's no surprise that Geist got a huge boost with Uprising, and I've been really excited testing this version, and MAKING PIRATE GREAT AGAIN!

Geist is (The) Back!

Play this deck until everyone in your meta packs Navi Mumbai City Grid or NEXT Activation Command. You probably lose to that, but everything else is in your favor.

Geist staples:

Tech Trader, Spy Camera, Sports Hopper... some Flip Switches for tags (and Khusyuk), On the Lam, Legwork. Not much to say about these cards. I'll include Technical Writer here too, as it has a trash can, and can be a great source of burst econ when you need it.

Pirate staples:

Kongamato, Ghabali, Grappling Hook... Falsified Credentials for making sure you don't shoot your shot too early.

Recursion (who needs Levy AR Lab Access?)

Reclaim - this could have also gone under Pirate staple, it's very flexible and useful with Pirate

Simuchip - lets you play the same Grappling Hook twice in a run, and good Khuysuk

The Back - your new Levy replacement. It obviously isn't as good, but it also doesn't cost influence and it will get you back way more cards than the new Levy will anyway. Always grab some Spy Cams, and don't forget that you can also shuffle back in On the Lam.


With so many installable useful (and pretty cheap) hardware, this is something I love to see early. You'll accelerate your draw even more (not that Geist needs more gas), and it works really well with other new cards (Q-Loop, The Back). Could also be Forger, but the only upside of that is tag matchups & possibly more Khusyuk fuel (not needed)

New Cards

Boomerang - this is the card that allows you to go FULL PIRATE. It recurs itself, synergizes with Masterwork & Technical Write and can be recycled with The Back if you need it.

Prognostic Q-Loop - this card is pretty dope, and it allows for many things, like installing Boomerangs or Grappling Hooks on the fly. It can trigger Masterwork on the corp's turn, or just allow you to know what you're going to draw on the next Geist trigger. Most importantly, it's the most reliable way to trigger The Back.

Buffer Drive - this card sometimes reads "put a Khusyuk or Legwork on the top of your deck" and it's worth the 3 credits and an inf just for that. It also can save your butt during net damage matchups.


Khusyuk - my favorite Shaper card, and it's sooo easy to trigger here. It's especially great when you are possibly locked out of a remote and need to yolo something from R&D even when you saw the top card with Spy Cam and it wasn't an agenda. The goal is to play 2-3 of these a game while you remote camp.

Cards 45 & 46

Embezzle - generally good Criminal card, can be a source of money if you've whiffed on a few Spy Cameras in a row and know what their hand is. Best in the matchups that stash events and try to tag/kill you

Political Operative - this is probably the only way to beat the Navi matchup. If you want to go all in, you cut it. At the GNK I won this past weekend, I didn't have it in and it didn't matter. But I also played someone with 2 Navi's and they didn't draw it.

7 Jan 2020 koga

Are you sure you can recur On The Lam with The Back?

The card doesn't have the trash ability until it is hosted as far as I understand

8 Jan 2020 Anzekay

Koga is correct, OTL doesn't actually have a trash ability, it turns itself into a hosted condition counter that has the trash ability. Once you use it, the hosted condition counter no longer exists and OTL goes to the heap, where it doesn't have a trash ability.

8 Jan 2020 pj20

@Koga``@Anzekay Good to know... I'll 100% still play OtL anyway, but looks like it's more important to use The Back on Flip Switches if you're worried about tags.

10 Jan 2020 Nem0

@pj20 What were your matchups on the day?

10 Jan 2020 Qris

Yarrr! With 6x Spy Cams and 2x Khusyuks MVPs, surely a "Freedom Through Equality" would be amazing?

Especially since you also have Buffer Drive, so you can save it from the heap. I'll definitely try it out.

10 Jan 2020 pj20

@Ravensteve I played an Acme (good matchup for Pirate), a pretty creative The Foundry: Refining the Process which was annoying & an Earth Station that I basically just R&D locked until he got near game-point

@Qris always a good include with Khusyuk.... helps with Scarcity too which can be annoying. if you're not worried about Navi, don't include the PolOp and def jam that