Hold On While It Buffers (3-0 GNK Winner)

bigfleet 47

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Early Game

In the first phase of the game, you want to build your economy engine while keeping them poor. Corporate "Grant" is your restricted card, and it pairs with PAD Tap for a good reason. Obviously you want to install at least one card a turn while it’s up. They scored to clear it? Play the next one and start dripping 2.


The second best card to play to trigger grant is Rezeki. There are two in the deck, since Paragon grants 1MU.

The third best cards to play to trigger grant are Earthrise Hotel and The Class Act. You probably won’t win the game unless you draw at least half your deck. So even if you do happen to install Kati Jones before these two, don’t go overboard with hitting her every turn.

There is never a bad time to Career Fair a Daily Casts.

How to Win

Lock it up

As far as making your runs, your first target is HQ. Whether landing Diversion of Funds, Legwork, or Embezzle, you are going to want to know how easy it is to get in. There is no better card for a facecheck than Bravado.

After making sue there are no surprises you can’t handle in HQ, eventually you lock up R&D and the remote with your drip and Kati bucks. The second Bravado really helps make sure you never run out of steam for the lock.

The deck’s namesake is Buffer Drive which is there to shore up some bad matchups. You have one copy of each breaker, so you will just lose to SDS Drone Deployment without one. It’s also massive resilience against attrition decks. Recursion is just good, programs and events.

Flex spots

Experiments left to conduct.

I think Stimhack is straight up better than the second Buffer Drive.

This deck should have a Boomerang since few of the cards you bottom with Class Act you truly never want to see. It’s a big help against rush. Maybe more than one, since you would want to see it early, but I'm not sticking with it long enough to figure out.

I think a Reflection / DreamNet version of this deck is interesting. I’d love to revisit after blue re-acquires its unique 1-link card after the Maxwell James debacle.

And finally, "isn’t this deck just better in 419?”

So what

17 Feb 2020 Two_EG

I love Iain. Everybody must like Iain.

19 Feb 2020 ShinChan

What about dropping 1 R&D interface for The turning wheel and Oracle May? With Paragon, Oracle may turns 1 click into 2c and 1 card draw.

I would drop:

R&D Interface

Emergency shutdown


The Class Act

Kati Jones

And add:

Data dealer -> To keep the cash flow coming

Boomerang -> To put some pressure when needed

The turning wheel -> Because you would have an extra influence to expend

Oracle May -> To make that Paragon worth it's money

Hostage -> To bring that Oracle May once you have the Paragon or Kati otherwise

And yes, it's probably better with 419, but it's more "cool" with Iain :P

21 Feb 2020 bigfleet

@ShinChan Dropping an R&D Interface to get some influence back might be a good idea. In my plays, I tended not to get both installed, but it's also really about finding one. Changing it to The Turning Wheel in particular I could definitely see as an improvement. Works with the HQ run events, can help catch up if they find a big draw to break the lock, etc.

Caldera is definitely flex.

I don't like the changes to draw. You don't really run at all to the midgame, and you absolutely need cards and money ahead of that time. If you want to run more, I think definitely another blue runner is the way to go.

Dropping Kati would hurt. Your decoder is 7 to install and you need to have more money than them afterwards in many cases.

21 Feb 2020 ShinChan

Well, having Paragon I would definitely would go for Oracle May. Adding Hostage can bring you Kati (one Kati is a must in any Crim deck IMHO) or Oracle May, who will improve your card draw. If you don't think you need Boomerang, it's fine.

21 Feb 2020 bigfleet

@ShinChan one thing that I love about Hostage is that I never noticed before now that it's a "may" on the install, so you could still Career Fair The Class Act -- Between that and Kati, that may very well buy the slots for 2 Boomerang! (which I would love to see in the deck.)