Go Your Drone Way - Fight Night IV

manicmoleman 449

Whilst cooped up, the Belgian Netrunner group (and friends) have been playing weekly casual tournaments. As an additional deckbuilding challenge, some of us have been giving each other challenge cards to include in our decks. This week, FREDPI assigned me Drone Screen. I decided to lean into the drone theme with Service Outage. Yes you could play Scarcity of Resources, but this was a casual night.

At first I was excited because I thought SYNC Rerouting would work with Drone Screen, but I don't think it works for the same reason The Supplier installing Daily Casts doesn't work. So I had to instead use Border Control and Data Raven to get the Runner tagged before running. Due to the expense of this, and the fact that you then have to win the Drone Screen traces, I chose Azmari as the ID, and as Drone Screen synergises with Punitive Counterstrike, that's the direction I went in. Although included as a theme card, I was pleasantly surprised by Service Outage; it definitely caught a few opponents out who tried to run through Slot Machine while on 0 credits, or play Dirty Laundry when on 2 credits.

Many thanks to pspacekitten and Cluster Fox for organising!

17 Apr 2020 ayyyliens

What about sea source into "an offer you cant refuse"?

17 Apr 2020 manicmoleman

It would work, but you'd have to win the SEA Source trace, then spend 4 on An Offer You Can't Refuse, then win the Drone Screen traces. I found it difficult enough to make them fire as it was!