The 'pexs that won't flex

Murse 95

This deck plans primarily to allow some super easy access for very cheap. Usually, you can Boomerang, Endless Hunger, Heartbeat into whatever server you want. If not, Logic Bomb gives you the extra oomph you need to push through. In the late game, you can Reboot into Assimilator to replay your logic bombs. This is the only card I feel is worth the tempo hit of including assimilator.

Prey is insane against Afshar for those who have never had a matchup where the 2 square off.

The elephant in the room is tags. The deck has a bit of trouble with them. You are usually are helped a bit by Chop Bot 3000 clearing one tag and giving you some money in the process. I wish I had a bit more influence to add in a Networking or a No One Home or two. If you wanted to try one out, I'd suggest dropping one boomerang.