[Startup] Loup Plays The Violin

rgdelato 17

We were complaining about Virtuoso in Discord (the main complaint being "it's not Pennyshaver") and I thought it might be a fun console for Loup, who can profit from regularly accessing random operations or whatnot in HQ.

No promises that this deck is actually good, but I've won a few games with it on Jnet now, so it does seem to at least function! Give it a try and have some fun! (And in the spirit of jank, it's also a 41 card deck. <3)

EDIT: You might want to try dropping some of the Wildcat Strikes for Fermenters, but it can make purging very strong and it hurts to lose your Imp counters, so piloting that version takes a bit more finesse.

10 Jan 2023 valerian32

Sounds cool!

11 Jan 2023 Oddball

Any thoughts on finding a way to fit in two Prepaid VoicePAD and The Twinning?

PPVP and Scrubber help fuel multiaccess. Plus Virtuoso works with The Twinning!

11 Jan 2023 rgdelato

@Oddball I haven't tried it, but you'd be welcome to swap out the 3x Chastushka for 2x Prepaid and 1x Twinning!

I'm still feeling it out, but there's something interesting about the particular pairing of Virtuoso and Chastushka: landing a Chastushka pulls double-duty of making sure you have value when your mark is archives and it makes your additional HQ accesses more impactful. Is that enough to include it over Twinning? I'm honestly not sure!