Prickly PE [StartUp]

TonyHawp 8

An attempt at a Thousand Cuts deck, with a lean towards being able to run some alt-art cards and try some different cards.

Some ideas:
Flower Sermon to Snare! RnD
Kakurenbo as an interesting Archived Memories + Mushin No Shin
Ice Wall as a Trick of Light battery
Cerebral Overwriter as a kill enabler
Ronin as a Jinteki Clearinghouse

16 Jan 2022 Oddball

Was fun to play you this week! Surely this double advanced card is not a second Cerebral Overwriter!

16 Jan 2022 Diogene

Trap jinteki! I love it. Why no Urtica Cipher? @Oddball comment demonstrate how fun it is! I'll try it in startup. Thanks for sharing.