Ice is amazing (3, 5, 7, 12, 18, 22, 36, 39, 47 at EUAF)

lostgeek 3592

Ice is amazing

Looking at the original Blamechanger we found ourselves disagreeing with some of the basic premises. Going extremely fast by using Biotic Labor and Audacity and an absurd agenda suite seemed good. But only playing 5 ice is a mistake. Ice is an amazing card type and forcing breakers + consistent economy to repeatedly get into your servers should not be underestimated.

And ice allows you to play one of the most broken cards ever: Rashida Jaheem. The power of an early Rashida behind an end the run ice (especially Magnet if playing against MaxX) is simply unmatched.

We ended up settling on 11-12 ice for this tournament coming down from our previous 14 ice in Fite Nite and ended up cutting all influence for the third copy of Audacity, which allows for some extremely reckless plays.

To recoup the missing value from the now cut Planograms, we decided to include 3 copies of Tranquility Home Grid. Trashing this always feels bad as the Runner, but keeping it around gives you constant economy for the rest of the game -- typically the 2 credits are worth more than the draw, as the rest of your deck already draws you more than enough cards.

Our team ended up with the same base deck with only slight differences in the respective ice suites. The number of every single piece of ice can be varied slightly and probably has been at some point in our testing...

Big thanks to PSK and everyone else at NISEI who made this Continentals run smooth and flawless and to my opponents. This was a very fun weekend and let's hope it was the last time, we need to play Continentals online.

22 Aug 2021 percomis

Very well done Giesch, and excellent gif choice!

22 Aug 2021 Sokka

Yes it is. Yes it is.

22 Aug 2021 JackMade

Super fun event, thanks for the writeup even though my deck had +1 Vanilla -1 magnet.

23 Aug 2021 Cliquil

I want to be very clear that my like is 92% the Polar Bear gif, which is goddarn adorable

23 Aug 2021 MrBuggles

Amazing play, well done! I had -1 Magnet +1 Hagen because I’m not as rude to the rest of NWE and their poor Hivemind MaxX decks as you are…