Maximum Shaper Bullshit - 3rd place at OKORINA (The Artist)

Cpt_nice 1320

"Shaper Achieved" - spectator on stream as I got set up

Have you ever wanted to play as Kateand also have Magnum Opus installed at the start of the game? Love The Artist but feel that 4 credits is just too damn much? Do I have good news for you!

OKORINA is a cool new format from Sanjay, in which players pick an agenda and unique connection as their corp/runner ID to build a deck around. I thought long and hard about my picks and I could have settled for half a dozen runners. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play as The Artist!

As Azmari has shown, the ability to gain 2 credits every turn (which The Artist essentially does) is very powerful. This was balanced by giving The Artist 50 cards. But as a long time Sunny player, I saw this as an opportunity for more card slots instead of a negative! The 1 link was just icing on the cake, to make you feel like Kate again.

I started off by spending tons of influence on draw cards, but ultimately I figured Professional Contacts would be a lot better, especially with Scarcity gone. Especially with Career Fair, it ended up giving tons of value. The rest of the deck is pretty straight forward, with Khusyuk for 2 or TTW digs being the main way to close off the game. 3 Stimhacks and tons of drip ensured a properly locked remote. Even though Clot is not nearly as good now with Clone Chip rotated, I wanted a threat against fast advance decks, since I knew this format was gonna be unpredictable.

The deck won against Glenn Station, Transport Monopoly and Divested Trust. I lost against Rebranding Team and another Glenn Station after I forgot False Lead was scored, like a dumbass.

I had an amazing time and I will definitely partake in the next one. Kudos to Sanjay for inventing this format and running a great event!

1 Jun 2020 boreira