Audacious Asa

cableCarnage 734

After many games played (and lost) against tablet Asa, I decided to have my take on the deck. I came up with the following conclusions:

  • Daily Quest takes up a server for too long and there are other ways of getting credits .
  • Cyberdex Sandbox over Successful Field Test. Trading a higher ceiling for a higher floor. Essentially scoring Sandbox is always good while scoring SFT can be blank. Furthermore the deck's speed is often limited by the amount of credits.
  • I never managed to make MCA Austerity Policy stick in servers reliably.
  • Tour Guide is nice. Even at low sub counts it forces the runner to use a card for accesses. The ICE suite could be changed a bit, say adding Border Control like NWE.
  • With Daily Quest out I have 6 free influence. 2 I can spend on a couple Crisium Grids to prevent the end of the world or some financial crimes.
  • With 4 influence left I could add the namesake.

The Audacity

I won all 6 games I played with this deck at Worlds and if I recall correctly, Audacity let me score the winning agenda in each of those games. Overall extremely happy with how the deck performed and it was a joy to play.

12 Oct 2020 5N00P1

I loved the Audacity include! It was the best tip for me for the tournament!

15 Oct 2020 mrteatime66