[StartUp] Influence Monster (1st at Berlin StartUp 22.01)

5N00P1 796

This is a deck for a special StartUp tournament, where you needed to play at least 3x of one new card and got 1 extra point for every additional card. So I went all in and played as many cards I could and the result was this.... it also means playing ICE that is not really synergizing with your ID ability in terms of adding Hákarl 1.0 & Anemone. On the other side Hákarl 1.0 is easy to use with Pop-up Window and Rime.

It won me the tournament together with my Lat, as I was starting with 10 points with 3x rounds of swiss, maybe not a real achievement.

Subliminal Messaging in GameNet feels good. Either run my servers do nothing or give me money or give me money, that is why I play 19 ICE and some Rime on the cake to mess with some numbers. Vladisibirsk City Grid let's you advance in the server and the runners either come trashing it or not. Both is good for you as in most cases trashing opens a window to score. Obviously Clot is an issue here and that is why I'm playing Cyberdex Sandbox over Project Beale.
Surely you play Gold Farmer and Pop-up Window as it gives you money, even when broken, otherwise early game it's bonkers.

Cards in question for me:
- Whitespace really strong early game, but looses later
- Roughneck Repair Squad not sure it't worth it, when you also run Sandbox

I only played this for 2 games, one was won in time the 2nd one was a kill with Anemone as the runner tried to win in time and had one card in hand left.

It was really nice to see the Berlin Meta again, hope this was a start into a good summer.