An Exploration of Throwback Format: Omar in the red Dress

Baa Ram Wu 418

I'm going to be posting a decklist a day looking at the interesting side of Throwback Format deckbuilding.

What is Throwback Format?? Simply put it's Standard but you can add 1 full playset of a rotated card OR play with a rotated ID - Eric aka Whiteblade is running a Charity Tournament on the 5th using this tournament! More info here -

Now please feel free to stick 3x Account siphon into your reg 419 or Caprice Nisei into your Jinteki Glacier but if you could just wake me up afterwards from the coma inducing slumber you have put me in due to your unimaginitve deckbuilding!!

I think we're onto number 11 now - I don't know for sure, I got distracted by someone over there:

Omar in the Red Dress

Throwback Card: Woman in the Red Dress

Heading back into true janksville today with everyone's favorite card that they never played!

Woman in the red dress seems to hold a level of cult status - and its easy to see why - in theory it puts a delightful fork on the Corp whilst providing valuable information to the runner but unless you are able to capitalize on that fork its somewhat useless.

The reason I wanted to revisit it here is the fact it is a Virtual Resource meaning we can 'tutor' for it with Gachapon (a card that shows up as a 3 of in probably too many of my decks tbh) - The resource pool is primarily virtual to get most value and positive hits from your gachapons - hence foldings over casts.

This is where Omar comes in - who better to provide Solid pressure across all three centrals? You also need HQ multiaccess to pressure HQ once the corp draws a revealed agenda - It was a toss up between 2 HQ i's or the Neutralise all threats/Turning wheel that is settled for (moneys tight and both are virtual for Gachapon) There's also a couple of Wanton Destruction and 2 Imps for clearing out the hand of unwanted powerful events scryed with WitRD (HHN, Midseasons, Punitive etc.)

Things to bear in mind:

Daily Business show - needs to be trashed on sight once WitRD is down (unless you want to start slotting Showing Offs into your deck!)

Cybernetics Court - also needs to go as it will give far to much protection unless you can get a turning wheel to a monumental amount of counters!

The deck can be a little slow to set up - should it be a Hoshiko deck with Rebirth?? 100% yes! But that goes against the core of my deckbuilding philosophy - the combo here is with Omar so that's the deck I'll post!