High-Risk Subcontract OKORINA 3

Sokka 1107

It's Subcontract! What a fun card for Scorch shenanigans. The idea here is that the 4 card combo of SEA Source click 2 and Subcontract click 3 to play double Scorch will kill any runner that doesn't have tech for it. With the ID ability of High-Risk Investment being used on click 1, the money game doesn't matter. You just need 6 credits + the number of link the runner has and that's good enough for the kill.

This deck also has answers to tech. Salem's Hospitality is there for I've Had Worse and Elizabeth Mills is in theory there for Citadel Sanctuary but idk how reliable that really is.

Anyways, it was a good run for the deck and Scorch probably won't be legal in the next one due to rotation :)