Fuller House (8th place at Worlds 2016)

tmoiynmwg 6283

I guess I'll quickly publish my Worlds CtM deck since there are some minor variations from the West Coast team list:

-2 Mumbad Virtual Tour: This card sometimes just does nothing; I decided to cut it because I found that I could personally play around the card without too much difficulty during the icebreaker tournament. I do think it deserves a spot in a list with more copies of Hard-Hitting News though.

+1 Product Placement: I think this is the best upgrade/trap. It fires from anywhere, costs less than nothing, and is especially effective against runners playing around Virtual Tour.

+1 Information Overload: Since the Hades Shard/Obelus interaction had leaked publicly on the Tuesday before Worlds, I guessed that the proportion of siphon Anarchs was going to be much higher than we had previously predicted. (We ourselves were playing siphon Whizzard largely because of how effective the strategy is against CtM.) Info Overload gives you a reasonable shot in these matchups by making you immune to siphons or doubling as a surprise win condition.

Playing the consensus best deck in a tournament was a novel experience for me, and I recommend other rogue deckbuilders to try it out as well. The deck was so non-intuitive for me that I actually went 2-4 with corp on the day 1, before rallying and going 4-0 during day 2 and top 16. I learned that CtM is actually an incredibly difficult deck to play well... but the rewards for playing well are great. Excellent technical play and small meta adjustments can go a long way when you can be confident that your core strategy is solid.

8 Nov 2016 Murphy

Was the Info Overload worth it in hindsight? I cut it last minute so am curious.

8 Nov 2016 tmoiynmwg

It's hard to say! I think its presence greatly boosted my chances in the top 16, which I feel was probably enough to warrant having a mostly-dead draw in non-siphon matchups.

26 Nov 2016 Prestige

Timmy, Do you think Data Ward is a good replacement for Information Overload?