Sacrifice? No. Audacity? Yes. Success? Absolutely.

Tamijo 88

Neurospike you?

Do you like to play fair and balanced cards? Installing Ice, placing Agendas behind them, and then advancing them to their Advancement cost? Then please leave.

We played this deck to a nice 11-5 finish throughout the day, killing many people with Neurospikes of value between "One" (1) and "Six" (6).

The basic plan is to install and double Dedication Ceremony a City Works Project and keep advancing it until it is unstealable. Then you wait until you have 2 Neurospikes, score the City Works Project and kill them. there are variations on this theme depending on what your opponent has - playing around I've Had Worse, for example by getting a third Neurospike, or second City Works Project in play. If you have an Oberth Protocol in play and your opponent has the Audacity steal a City Works Project in play, they likely won't have many cards left, so you can score one of your other Agendas and Neurospike them just the once, like so.

Struggling to find everything? Malapert Data Vault helps you by finding the extra Neurospike, at the very least, or maybe a Too Big to Fail if you've bankrupted yourself getting to that situation. And Malapert is untrashable, because it sits in the City Works Project server, with that big 9+ Meat Damage shield on it.

You can also just score out, because Oberth Protocol is a 2 to rez SanSan City Grid that works with your overadvance Agendas, and also because of your ID you can score on the turn you install it.

That's right. "Install Oberth, Install Atlas, Rez, Advance" scores you an Atlas with a counter. This deck is like playing Titan, but more fun.

You can watch me being incredibly mean right here if that's your kind of thing.

1 Apr 2021 robotmascot

This is the deck I wanted to build as soon as I saw all of Gateway, done better than I could have, with an exquisite name. I won't clutter up the comments but envision one thousand clapping emoji here.

1 Apr 2021 valerian32

This is cruel. I love it.

1 Apr 2021 tzeentchling

There's no Success in the deck though!

1 Apr 2021 Tamijo

Thank you for the kind comments! 😊

@tzeentchling True, and there's no Audacity either, but I DID consider Sacrifice during the stream! That would've made the name even better.

2 Apr 2021 michaeln

Fails to Guru Davinder 😂. But really: this is awesome.

2 Apr 2021 Tamijo

Just score the single Above the Law at the right moment. 😉

16 May 2021 Davidmc7

I got triple Neurospike'd at the Canberra GNK by this deck. It was atrocious and impressive.