NBN Facile Startup

Diogene 1352

Simple ideas : get rich, tax the runner, get richer, score out behind taxing ices.


Mulligan plan : maximum 1 agenda in hand, hopefully 1 or 2 assets.

In startup, there is no way to get rid of tag easily. It always cost you a click to do so. Hence, this deck aim to tax the runner as much a possible. Gold Farmer is great here.

There is a lot of creds in assets. Always rez the Marilyn Campaign to shuffle it back. If possible, create a remote with a single ice for Nico Campaign. Best ices for this are Engram Flush and Ping.

If possible, put F2P first and Funhouse second. Also, those two are best used on HQ and R&D. Put your Gold Farmer on the scoring remote.

All tags are passive. If any tag is floated, you have Retribution (I suggest you snipe the console). Psychographics is there for runner that go "tag me", allowing you to score easily.

Remastered Edition, once scored, will let you score a 2/4 agenda from hand, provided you have a SanSan City Grid.

Most of the time, I use the ID to generate 2.