[Startup] Built to IAA (A2A 2-2 in Swiss, 0-1 in the cut)

coldlava 204

I did the writeup for my runner deck here which performed much better than the corp and carried me to the cut but this deck is a lot of fun. I was very unsure of what corp to play and nearly played a different BtL deck focused on Trick of Light fast advance nut I had a bit more practice and fun with this one so I played this instead.

The main win condition of this deck is to IAA an Azef and then on the following turn Advance and score it then play 2 Neurospikes for 6 damage. There is some tech in startup which makes this nearly impossible, the most comon of which being Anicam which draws the extra card, but this deck can still score out if needed.

The main setup involves building a taxing remote with Archer (rezed using the Hostile Takeovers) plus 1 or 2 other ice and a Cayambe Grid in it. Often the Cayambe can and Wall2Wall can get you a Pharos-3 or just a massive ice wall that demands a boomerang or botulus. In order to get the runner to run the server you have 2 Reversed Accounts and 2 Clearinghouses you can IAA into the server and force them to run or potentially lose to Azef Neuro Neuro next turn. Due to BtL's identity doing this is also credit neutral so you don't wind up bleeding money while trying to bluff an agenda. If they don't run you either bankrupt them with Reversed or just do some tempo meat damage with clearinghouse, hopefully hitting some breakers or other tools. Once you have a scoring window, 1 Neurospike in hand, and a Malapert in the remote to grab the second Neurospike you do your 6 meat damage.

The main issues with this deck is you can often loose off of centrals. I went a bit Ice light and that leads to weak centrals when trying to build a larger remote. One game in the Swiss and the game in the cut were both lost to Deep Dives. I would also consider swapping 1 Spin Doctor for 1 more Reversed Accounts just to have more be more able to IAA cards into the server.

Other things to note: The SDS is also a good score, if you kill a breaker with an early SDS you can often turn that into a win by scoring out if you need to by switching to never advanceing the Azefs or scoring a second SDS and a single hostile

Thanks to everyone who ran the A2A tournament!