Out of Time 27th in Aldershot Regionals (3-2)

hemraa 178

"Coming to me for sense is a bad sign..." -Guy Patching

So I took a completely untested Chronos Protocol deck to a regional tournament and it didn't suck! It took me to 27th despite it leaving my runner deck only 10 minutes left to play a game for 3 out of 5 rounds...

Inspired by the Palana Scarcity deck that won euro's and the prevalence of CV it aims to score out behind taxing ice with the threat sniping the runners best cards.

Wins against 2 Valencia (managed to snipe at least 1 CV in each game) and 1 Jasminder (sniped Levy's and ground them to enough cards to score out an Obokata).

Loses against Pirate Hayley and Maxx (who had turn 1 Titanium Ribs).

11 Aug 2018 Cliquil

Can confirm - I said this.

Well done on a decent few games; I'm still intrigued as to whether there is a way to make this rushier so you're not constantly dragged to time!

13 Aug 2018 radishcat

This was a fun matchup.