Can't crack this v1.2

cwoac 64

Went 4-1 at the October Bristol GNK, one loss was a mulligan from a 4 agenda hand to a 5 agenda hand, beating good stuff Val and Reina, amuakua Adam and a Nasir.

Broadly it is the core hatchet/salem combo deck, just using code gates instead of barriers, since if the runner can get his paperclip in place, all barrier skorp just loses, whereas code gates are still pretty taxing (especially for black orchestra, which seems to be the decoder of choice).

Hunter Seeker is the obvious choice for the restricted card, hence the use of graft/utopia (although on reflection three graft would probably have been better).

Consulting visit + Archived memories allow you to play operations from almost anywhere.

MCA targets film critic or beth.

Surprise Archer, because even though it's not a code gate, it's still an excellent trap.

Beyond that the deck is basically all econ. Biased reporting is entirely worth the three influence, as most runner decks seem to be going big on either resources or programs, so later game this usually makes me ~10 credits.