rojazu 1339

I took this deck to Milton Keynes finishing 6th overall just outside the cut on SoS. I brought it because butcher is always good to fall back on during these tough times. Its record was 4-1 on the day beating Temu Whiz, Dumbles Whiz, Geist & Val. The one loss came to Link Kate where i did the hard part landing 15 tags but the 2 booms and psycho were sitting in the bottom 5 cards of RnD.

In a meta where Corps are really not favoured this deck has been smashing it in testing posting an 80% win rate in a 105 game sample on jnet over the past month. I dont think it is actually Tier 1 when the runner knows the contents of your deck they can play accordingly but it does create some excellent forking threats where you can create lose lose situations for the runner. If they do not navigate perfectly you can really punish any runner mistakes brutally, which is about all you can really ask for from a corp deck at the moment.

The Judge has been an excellent include and a perfect way to beat Marron in addition to overwhelming him with midseasons - I put him in my scoring remote and then wait for a trigger to rez him, which there are plenty of in this deck with Prisec, HHN, CTM, Turnpike etc. The net result is it usually forces the runner to go tagme which is what you want.

The best thing about this deck is because you are playing as CTM, runners automatically throw away their plascrete and use their IHW which is great.

Hope you enjoy it - Happy corping.

6 Feb 2017 FightingWalloon

So the objective on the Judge is to take a whole turn going "tag, tag, tag" and then force them to run your scoring remote or give up and go tag me.

6 Feb 2017 rojazu

Its to rez it when they get tagged and force them to deal with it there and then. Of it survives you click it as many times as you need to setup boom.