LoopInfusion (6th @ APAC Continentals)

Odol 1263

So no one told you corping’s gonna be this way

Your ice are joke, you’re broke, your win con's D.O.A.

It's just like nothing ever goes as planned

When the runner's got a boat and taps and orbs that should have been banned, but

Loops are there for you

(If the runners even dare)

Loops are there for you

(And sometimes they die to Snare!)

Loops are there for you

(And we’re playing Mwanza too)

21 Aug 2022 mcg

Almost lost my favourite for the inclusion of Mwanza, but the write-up is too good.

21 Aug 2022 dnddmdb

Proud to have lost to this in the lead up to the tournament. Absolutely brutal list.

22 Aug 2022 Swiftie

I like the write up.

24 Aug 2022 Cliquil

Anytime someone does lyrics instead of a prose writeup I like it. This is well done

25 Aug 2022 maninthemoon

WP Odol! Congrats on 6th <3

2 Sep 2022 Jinsei