The Prestige (3rd American Continentals, 6-3)

greyfield 3915

When the corp tries to put an agenda in its scoring remote:


Insight - Top Hat is a classic. I've tried shoving it into Anarchs, typically Omar, since the combo was a known quantity. But while the combo itself is inherently strong, since it lets you control the top 4 cards of the corp's deck for two clicks and zero credits and maintain pressure on both the remote and R&D by saving all your money, it was frequently inefficient due both to (a) the loss of Inject and (b) having to give up Paperclip for Corroder to keep your Labor Rights. By the time you had control over R&D, chances were good you were soon going to lose in the scoring remote.

The liberation of Labor Rights and Zer0 (plus reading the writing on the wall and moving the deck into Hoshiko) finally gave the deck the consistency it needed to get into the midgame and start dominating.

This list was tuned to do better against Weyland, with the Boomerang and two Turntables. Which of course meant I faced no Weyland. Go figure.

What the list wasn't tuned for was Asa, which I didn't expect to be dominating the cut like it was; that was just a bad meta call. Ultimately it isn't a fantastic anti-Asa deck; if they have a fast draw with a strong piece of ice on HQ, it can be hard to keep them down unless you can get a good standard Anarch draw. If you're expecting a lot of Asa, I'd probably consider another deck. If you're expecting lots of GameNETs, I think this deck is very good in that matchup.

In swiss, the deck went 5-1, beating MCA Acme w/ Code Replicators, GameNET with Embolus and 2-pointers, semi-glacier PE, Punitive Asa, and Internet CTM (the last two games played after IDs), and came up just short against MirrorMorph. In the cut, the deck went 1-1 against Tempo Asa and 0-1 against the same Punitive Asa (well done, syd7).

Postscript: Eric, you're forgiven for talking shit about this deck on the livestream. Didn't bother me then, or now.

2 Aug 2020 FreqKing

Top Hat off to you for piloting an awesome combo to a great finish!

2 Aug 2020 x3r0h0ur

GJ in the tourny