EOI Titan

MazeBerlin 70

My newest Titan list. IP Block to punish AI and SEA/EOI to close out games

20 Feb 2018 D4KEN

Are the 4 influence worth for the one of EOI and SEA? I think it's hard to get the pieces right in time on hand.

20 Feb 2018 MazeBerlin

Not that hard with Atlas token or Consulting Visit. 2/4 wins were with EOI

20 Feb 2018 Klopstock

Seems really cool! But are the three IP Blocks worth it? Cutting one of them would free up Influence to change the Shipment from Tennin to a second Biotic Labor. Does the Shipment work that well? My feeling when playing Titan is that Runners make successful runs every turn from turn 4 or 5 onwards, in most cases.

20 Feb 2018 MazeBerlin

It was fine with Shipment but maybe a 2nd Biotic would make the deck more consistent. Cut one IP Block for a Vanilla. The good thing about the IP Block is that you can suprise rez it on their last click or use it as a click tax once you have Bad Pubs and most of your ICE is broken for free.