[Startup] Hyoubu Dealership

zoey 17

Scene from Mr. Robot where Tyrell Wellick is about to offer Hackerman the best deal of his life

In short: this deck spams out ice and servers while securing centrals and just tries to do a combination of fast advance using the obvious Big Deal and also tricks like Moon Pool, bluffing with the Spin Doctor and Mavirus and Moon Pool, and hopefully just generating huge stacks of cash. The ice suite is there to make the runner scared early but doesn't do a lot later, most important is protecting centrals and assets early.

So what can you do with Big Deal? Well the obvious is to draw an agenda and score it. Scoring an early Cyberdex Sandbox or Flower Sermon can sometimes be good but I probably wouldn't if it leaves you on very little money. It's also very good for closing out the game as you can FA out an entire 3 pointer. If you can protect an agenda for a turn, which is easier if you don't advance it, it's often better to advance it the next turn with Moon Pool.

But of course there's Regenesis in the deck. This means you can do the biggest deal of all: scoring potentially 4 points in one turn. By dumping an agenda into archives using Moon Pool on the runners turn (or simply having one there, safeguarded by Spin Doctor or Moon Pool if they were to run archives), Regenesis can be scored from hand in one Big Deal. Then you get to add whatever agenda you have in there to your score area as well. As you can imagine there's no bigger deal than this in startup.

This is a deck made early after the release of Borealis, and it's not a great deck to begin with. But you can win with it, and making the deals is great fun if nothing else.

24 Jul 2022 Oddball

I see a Hyoubu deck, I like.

I wonder if Bladderwort will be better than Public Health Portal? Higher trash, low rez cost and triggers if you BFD an agenda early in the game!