"Fast" Lost - 18th @Italian nationals 2023

wowarlok 657

After weeks of testing Patchwork Hoshiko and not being able to find the right fit for the deck I faced mjp on jnet running a leaner version of Sokka's most recent list and instantly fell in love.

I don't have very interesting things to say about the list other than thatIce Carver feels very necessary and that the Audrey v2 + Strike Fund + Buffer Drive end game is cute but probably unnecessary. Buffer drive feels good with Lago Paranoá Shelter and on its own, acting as the second copy of Miss Bones or Boomerang when necessary.

Because of double sided swiss I only got to play 3 games with this list, one of which ended on turn 2 after I ran a very obvious Snare! against Jinteki: Personal Evolution, so there's not much to report ahah.

Overall the list is a fun to play and there's a lot of skill expression when piloting it.