Haven't seen Lost but seems like could be my kind of movie

Sokka 5156

When our team was brainstorming team names for the NYC Sovereign of Subways team event, this happened:


That was me googling Lost, reading the description, and failing to realize that it's a TV series and not a movie. So that's the origin of our team name! Here's the amazing team that pulled off a hard-fought win:

The Winning Team

From left to right: @me, @Keiko, @OnTheNightrain, and @meetingadjourned

This deck did pretty good with a 3-2 record. Although it didn't perform as well as my corp, the econ in this deck gets pretty silly and it's overall a ton of fun to play. Patchworking a Strike Fund to play Sure Gamble from 1 credit shouldn't be a thing. Just don't Moshing your Buzzsaw turn 1 against Ob; turns out you might get rushed out behind Code Gates....

Huge shoutout to kysra for organizing a great event! Flying to NYC and hanging out with so many wonderful people was the best way to spend 5 days! This game’s ability to bring people together never ceases to amaze me ❤️

20 Nov 2023 Council

Not sure if ready for this next step of Hoshiko optimisation

20 Nov 2023 scd


21 Nov 2023 xiaat

What happened to the 'finally playing Arissana' plan? 🥲

21 Nov 2023 Sanjay

This team name scoring poorly in the best name competition is a sign that the rubric was flawed.

21 Nov 2023 cmur2

@Sokka is that a Keiko plushie? it is so cute, the stream chat was enchanted by it!

21 Nov 2023 Sokka

@xiaat I failed 😔. Maybe one day…

@Sanjay perhaps one factor could be a score for simply how ridiculous the name is 😆 ….. you know…. to compensate for a low score in “Aptness”

@cmur2 Yes it is a Keiko plushie! Keiko joined the team for the day on loan from @Wikignometry. I am also enchanted by it 😄

22 Nov 2023 sproutella

I'm on team "The ending of LOST actually rules"