That's not a knife... [2nd @ NANPC Vancouver]

syd7 693

THIS is a Knife

Pointy bois

I've played knifey-growthy before



25 Mar 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

Kudos for immediately 2nding new RWR meta with a 🗡️🗡️🗡️! 🔥

25 Mar 2024 Anzekay

reading through this list, nodding my head, and then I get to the programs and I'm hooting and hollaring. heck yeah matryoshka

25 Mar 2024 Council

Last one is pure art

25 Mar 2024 rongydoge

stabbing me was completely uncalled for and honestly was not very fetch of you

26 Mar 2024 maninthemoon

Love this build, well done! 🗡️

27 Mar 2024 maninthemoon

This deck is super fun! brought it to our meet up today. Love the use of Matryoshka

28 Mar 2024 LastWalter

How many knife kills?

28 Mar 2024 syd7

It went 3-1. Two very fast wins against ice-light NBN, a loss to Aginfusion, and got to 7 against rush Ob

29 Mar 2024 exzo777

I have played some time with this deck. Problems - you burn though deck very fast, but lose power after that. Matryoshka rigshotting makes game over for you. No recurcion here. Same thing with bypasses - if you spend inside jobs you can't recover your jeitinho. So, it's a lot of soft locks here and there.

30 Mar 2024 manveruppd

Quality memes!

31 Mar 2024 NtscapeNavigator

Just played this on Jnet and its so fun.

31 Mar 2024 Wavioli

Yup lots of fun, but concur with lack of recursion though!

2 Apr 2024 dtallant

Toying around with the addition of a sneakdoor Beta - cuts the needed runs for jeitinho activations down to 2, and late game will almost certainly cut down on the amount of ice needed to be dealt with. Can also be purposely dropped late for the final jeitinho run for surprise wins.

7 Apr 2024 GameOfDroids

@dtallantSneakdoor only gives a successful run on HQ, not archives. You would still need to run archives normally to trigger Jeitinho.