Zero Eight Nine (Dice & Dungeons Memorial SC)

Algebraic 885

Why are people scared of Zer0 coming off the Ban List? Because Zer0 eight nine. Ten, eleven, twelve.

As a big Freedom fan, I was excited that the availability of Zer0 would make him a viable Runner again. After only a few days for the meta to settle, I optimistically felt he would cope well against the asset spam decks of Jinteki: Replicating Perfection and NBN: Controlling the Message, although I definitely need more practise despite Baa Ram Wu's efforts to train me up! While the Consume based decks are possible, I wanted to adjust the Euros 2019 winning list that I also played a variant of in the same competition:

With a number of key cards missing (Crowdfunding makes so many decks good), it was a bit of a stretch but I hope this is a suitable starting off point for some lists. Zer0 doesn't quite fix the draw issue that Inject left behind, even with the extra Deuces Wild. I was reluctant to add this card as Zer0 should turn any card into Deuces, but the ICE exposure for a Runner that wants to run and the ability to duck tags cheaper are both important.

Boomerang attempts to be the D4v1d replacement and is why the list dropped from the "9 is enough" of the original deck to the "8 and pray" of this deck. Reclaim is the deck's Clone Chip, but this may have been too clever an attempt to synergy with Zer0 although it does suit the deck better than Simulchip. This influence could probably be better spent elsewhere easing up the economy and draw problems. Man, Crowdfunding was such a good card.