PeterPan's Better World (2nd place GNK Cologne)

PeterPan 276

Lightly modified Version of @RyanBantwins BriansBetterWorld.
-2 Global Food Initiative, -1 Snatch and Grab
+2 High-Risk Investment, + 1 MCA Informant.
Won against Jaros Silhouette(Score), Dalhills Sifr-Whizzard(Score) and Fearasmus' Leela (kill).
Lost against @Jackmade 's "Playset" Tenma after a Turn 1 Indexing on open R&D which ended to a loss of a High-Risk Investment. Than I only found Transactions and some ICE but no Agendas when i had opportunity to score. Neither found the Midseason Replacements or a Consulting Visit, so the 2nd agenda loss put a nail in the coffin of my alternate win condition. At least I had a +7 Str Sandburg :)
Runner deck can be found here