Teamwork CTM: NBN & Weyland 2gether 4evar

greylin 253

I'm tempted to write a book on why I love this deck so much, but I'll keep this brief for all you TL:DR folks and save it for the comments. Bottom line is this: This is not your standard CTM kill deck although runners have been known to die to it here and there. This deck is my main point in contending that Door to Door is a damn good card and when it's supported properly can be utterly oppressive in a way I've almost never experienced on the corp-side of Netrunner.

The main idea is to get a dish down, get an Aryabhata down and apply piles of econ pressure to your opponent. In a game against Nexus Kate I was still able to trace 9 every turn and keep the runner losing money and removing tags or taking meat damage every single turn. Because it's not a pure kill CTM deck, it's actually really a lot of fun to play.

It may look like a combo wombo deck, but I assure you that it isn't quite that bad. I'd probably call it a tier 1.5 deck in it's current state. I'd love suggestions about ICE composition and how to get a third Prisec in as that would be great.

Originally I had all trace ice, but I found that a careful Criminal can make enough money to trash everything and just slowly burn all your assets until you both wish you had just started the game agenda flooded. The best answer to this is tax Temujin and put one ice over all your econ until you get established enough that they need to choose between your board state and theirs. That's the main reason I can't call it tier 1 -a good careful pilot on the runner side can play the slow game and win better than 50% of the time.

That said, I can't tell you how many times I have people run a Primary Transmission Dish and not trash it. And then when they realize what you're doing the shock comes over them and they know if they can't trash your assets or score to kill your current the game is literally over.

Once the deck loses it's surprise value it's still pretty good. The one-of Net Police gets LOLs too, but it's amazing against Nexus and Link heavy decks. I throw it in my scoring server and pressure econ until I can open massive scoring windows -which really is possible if the runner underestimates your assets at all.

I said I'd keep it short, so that is all for now, but this is easily the best home brew deck I've ever built and I hope people will take the time to test it and have some fun with what I think is a pretty original take on an ultra hated NBN ID. My favorite comment in all my Jinteki games was, "Man, you've got a weird deck, but it's working..." I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for reading.

P.S. The other thing I LOVE is the thematic feel of it. After the 23 seconds incident I imagine NBN and Weyland teaming up to send thug squads door to door to kill whoever took their money. NBN tagging and Weyland bagging, but in a totally new way. And the runner pouring all their stolen credits into dodging the ever closer hit squads... Good times!

17 Oct 2016 Pilgrim

@greylin I like this deck a lot, surprised to see no hedge or sweeps though. I thought Door to Door was awkward with a one trace however Dish and CTM to protect it is awesome.

17 Oct 2016 Saan

I think not running Breaking News in a NBN BOOM! deck is actually insane. Door to Door is cute, but I'm honestly not sure it's ever better than Manhunt in an NBN deck. They do very similar things, and I'd argue that landing a tag is more harmful than the occasional single meat damage. Dropping the Door to Door for Manhunt and then changing the agenda suite to the "standard" 1 Astro, 3 Beale, 3 GFI, 3 Breaking News seems like it would be an upgrade to the deck. At that point, adding in a 24/7 or two gives you another relatively easy win condition.

17 Oct 2016 greylin

@Pilgrim I started with Sweeps and Hedge and traded them later for PAD and Marked Accounts. The asset econ works too well with the ID and nature of the deck. But the idea of getting sweeps in is never bad. I just like forcing the runner to play the econ game. Prisec makes those even better too.

@Saan You're probably not wrong, but then this deck would basically be every other CTM deck in a lot of ways. That's not a bad thing, but it's not what I was going for. The effect of Door to Door if you can protect it and beat the runner every turn is really crippling. I just finished a game against Sunny where she had 4 link most of the game and I was able to trace 10 every turn. I had a Primary Dish triple iced and got Net police double iced behind a Tollbooth. With the econ pressure I was gaining 2 creds every turn free and he was losing two creds for the lost traces and a tag every turn. This was with him running drip econ, Temujin and Power Tap. I'm not saying this will happen every game, but I would suggest people try this build if you want to see how good Door to Door can be. Kill is a secondary win condition for this deck. Econ hate is it's main weapon.

17 Oct 2016 Thike

This is silly. I love it.

18 Oct 2016 FarCryFromHuman

This deck is absurdly oppressive but can have trouble scoring against tag-me. A single Psychographics is pretty necessary; I think I'd lose a Hard-Hitting News for it.

19 Oct 2016 greylin

@ThikeThank you sir (or madam... made that mistake once already this week.).

@FarCryFromHumanThe deck doesn't score out easily in general, but you're either going to get early points or you're going to get early econ or you're going to get the combo setup quickly. You kind of play around whichever happens first. Play is very match-up dependent imo.