The Outfit - 1st Place Wegrunner NISEI GNK

kevintame 447

I won a 14 person GNK and this was my corp. I've been playing several versions of The Outfit since rotation and this one I think might be the strongest. Out of 20 games I've lost only one to @osclate.


Most of the combos require you to either install Reconstruction Contract or Reversed Accounts in the remote the turn before. If I have a pretty good remote server I often like to instal, advance, advance the Reversed Accounts.

Ice Placement

  • Data Ravens are usually on the remote with Border Control. Taxing tags is really good.
  • Archer is usually for R&D. It is really just for the central which is the most problematic and R&D is where you will usually lose.
  • Surveyor is for the remote.
  • I rarely ice HQ unless I'm playing against a Criminal or Freedom. You want to be jamming things into the remote so you don't really pile up agendas.
  • A triple advanced Hortum is a good way to keep a nasty turtle out.

Important Note - Archived Memories is usually to get Dedication Ceremony back. But sometimes it is used for getting back High-Profile Target. - People also think I'm running NGO so you would be surprised how often double advanced stuff gets scores. I almost always install, advance, advance if I'm putting an advance-able thing in the remote.

Give this deck a spin and let me know how it goes.

9 Jan 2019 Longi

Hey, I really like this build but I am curious how good the Surveyor is here since you have only 13 ices and three of them are trashable? Also, what is your ratio between score and kill win?

9 Jan 2019 Algebraic

With only 5 Bad Publicity cards in the decks, what’s the thinking about playing this in The Outfit rather than in Argus? Is the relatively small amount of extra credits worth losing a more defensive ability? Thanks!

10 Jan 2019 BizTheDad

Congrats, man!

10 Jan 2019 kevintame

@Longi Probably 50/50 kill to score. I usually am only protecting 2 servers so 13 ice seems to be ok. Surveyor even with 3 ice is pretty taxing for most runners.

@Algebraic I tried this in Argus and Titan and I didn't do as well. The money you make early and the recover from low credits with The Outfit is critical.

12 Jan 2019 Algebraic

Thanks for the response. I've had a play of the deck and the ability to recover quickly is nice. The Outfit ability is a major part of your economy. I've also being testing they list with a third Hostile Takeover instead of the IPO for that reason and I think it's a slight improvement. I always like having 3 when I'm playing Archer :-).

17 Jan 2019 kevintame

@BizTheDad Thanks friend!

@Algebraic I think an extra hostile seems like a good idea. Another bad pub and another agenda for archer is a great idea.

19 Jan 2019 5N00P1

I have the feeling I always lose to Argus & Outfit, so I thought I should play it. ;-) Used your list for a small GNK, so thanks for publishing it and I have to say, I really like it! TY