Heartbreaker 2nd Place 2015 Something2Do Store Championship

KingOfOdonata 216

So, I've been wanting to build an Edward Kim deck for awhile, especially since I've seen everyone running MaxX and Valencia with Kim getting no attention. My approach to him was very Shaper-esque, being that I'm a Shaper at my core. I just wanted to have his ability for disruption while being able to run like crazy. Here is a break down of the deck:

Economy: I wanted a mix of burst economy with long term options, considering many Corp games go long and burst tends to run thin, especially with heavy ICE Corps. So along with the staple Sure Gamble and Dirty Laundry, I decided to make more use of Ed's starting link to allow Underworld Contacts to work. And for an even strong long term econ, you can't do much better with one card than Magnum Opus. To increase some long term econ, I wanted to also include recurring credits. Scrubber and Spinal Modem did that job, on top of Datasucker for runs.

Breaker Suite: Typical Anarch breaker suite here, so nothing too special. The inclusion of ZU.13 Key Master was to help with Lotus Fields and MU limits. The MU really never was a problem, but there was always that risk. ZU.13 Key Master did help that.

Other Cards: To get the link I needed for Underworld Contact and ZU.13 Key Master, I ran five different sources of link. The Helpful AI was searchable with Hostage is need be, and Access to Globalsec is a really cheap way to get two link. The singleton Dyson Mem Chip was less for the link and more for the MU in case the draws went bad and I hit max too fast. Since this deck was built to run, build a rig, and destroy things, I wanted strong draw power to be able to find all pieces as needed. With five sources of draw, I was able to build pretty much all I needed relatively quick. And Djinn not only helps with MU issues (hosting Magnum Opus on it is beautiful), it also allows tutoring for any specific viruses. The destruction gets insane with Imp, Scrubber, and Edward Kim. One game against an Upgrade heavy deck put Scrubber to some use. And with multi-access options, the destruction is even more powerful. After one run on HQ with one Interface in play, I was able to remove a Midseason Replacements and a Curtain Wall from a hand of three cards, and then ran again to hit the one card left, which was an agenda.

Overall, I was pretty happy with the build. I had just built this deck the day before the tournament and haven't had a chance to play it. I would have liked to include Parasites and Déjà Vus to bring in ICE destruction, but MU was pretty tight. Maybe the cutlery would be an option. Big ICE often became a problem, so it would be nice to have the option to remove them from the table. I'm not sure how often I actually installed The Helpful AI, maybe once. But it would be nice to open up the influence and maybe just bring in another Access to Globalsec. If it was removed, I may not even need Hostage, unless I replaced it with a Professional Contacts, which would be nice at times. I'm sure this deck needs some work, but it was a blast to play and worked pretty well for it's first day of matches.

9 Mar 2015 cyberfunk

Kim is feels like Whizzard -- an okay ability that doesn't really take you in a particular direction. I would probably go for Nerve Agent over HQ Interface with 3x Djinn. Special Order seems good since you kind of need the full breaker suite. The cutlery seems decent, too.