Reg(ish) Maxx (13th Manchester regionals)

Terje 454

After playing Adam at the Preston regionals the day before, I got in from the pub at around 12.30 and built this with some help from parts of team Edinburgh. Turns out Maxx is a good ID, Anarch have good cards, and playing this after the experience with Adam at Preston was rather liberating. The deck went 2-1 (swept my first 2 rounds, ID'd twice and then got swept by a fellow team Edinburgh member) taking me to my highest placing above SCs.

Zer0 is a good card, and hitting an I've had worse with it is absurd. I refused to add Clan Vengeance because I hate that card, but you probably should find slots for it.

D4v1d can be a life saver against Jinteki, especially Mti, and nobody was expecting it on the day.