Lunar Rose v1.5 (7th Stevenage SC)

hemraa 177

I've always been a fan of weird murder decks and when I saw this list published by raouldukelives I had to give it a go.

Out: 3 Predictive Planogram, 1 Preemptive Action, 1 Anoetic Void, 1 Rashida.
In: 3 Spin Doctor, 2 Cyderdex Virus Suite, 1 Salem's Hospitality.

The core game plan is pretty simple, build a reasonably taxing remote with Anansi and Border Control and slow roll an agenda using La Costa Grid once you get 5 agenda counters you can score it and use a number of Neurospikes to flatline the runner. The whole deck is built around money and card draw to get Neurospikes into your hand by the time your agenda is ready to be scored, with a few tech cards.

Noteworthy Cards
Restoring Humanity - 40 card minimum decksize helps you get to Neurospikes more consistently, The 1 cred drip was fired pretty often, especially when I wanted to defend Archives anyway against Turtle or Knobkierie, otherwise, I would leave R&D or HQ more vulnerable to tempt them to run there instead.
Salem's Hospitality - Tech card for I've Had Worse and Apocalypse also useful as extra damage.
Cyberdex Virus Suite - Tech card against Hivemind MaxX and Crim's on Aumakua and to disuade them from running Archives.

The deck went 3-1 on the day with wins against Wu (flatline), Hoshiko (score out after a failed flatline) and 419 (flatline using Salem's Hospitality), and a loss against Rotage on a very fast Tao list with open decklists,

This deck is fun to play but like many weird kill decks suffers if your opponent knows the list. I would like to fit Punitive in, but it means cutting either Border Controls or Salem's Hospitality which dilutes the main scoring plan, something to try out in the future.

Big thanks to RealityCheque for a fun a smoothly run tournament and to all my opponents, and everyone I chatted to between rounds.

12 Apr 2021 Cliquil

I knew you'd want to flatline people!