Two Towers Architects [5-1 Nordic champs, 6th] (MWL 2.2)

hafgrim 23

Have played this deck with some success for a while. Took it to the nats and it really taxed all of those nasty runners out. Sadly i was not that good at playing Pirate Geist. Thx for all the nice games!! :)

2 Sep 2018 kollapse

Really fun to see an AoT deck performing so we'll, and being piloted so expertedly by you. Well played!

3 Sep 2018 swan

what's the cvs for?

3 Sep 2018 hafgrim

@InsanitIt was for amakua, but it would have probably sufficed just having ice on all servers and purging. Don't know of the bat what would be the first card to include though. Just more economy for when you don't get your jinjas early probably or make field test into two chronos project.

@kollapse Thanks so much for organizing, had an amazing time! :)