Comrades QPM CtM (3rd, 4th, 7th, 11th)

TheBigBoy 8846

This one's the same as last year too!

This deck took Josh Wilson, Me, Dan D'argenio, and Dien Tran into the cut at worlds 2018 (I can't label this deck with that yet though...)

Notable Changes:

We have the Rashida Team Sponsorship package now. It's great for applying pressure quickly and finding your late-game tools in clutch situations.

Cheap ice, Architect-> Turnpike and 0 Tollbooths. It's trivial to win when you get rich, so making the ice cheaper is a good hedge against getting poor.

That's about it! There was a big debate this year about whether 3 QPM or 3 ARES is better. Clearly I think the cats are better. It's nice to be nearly a lock to win as soon as the runner decides to eat tags. Certainly they were to thank in over half of my victories on the day. I guess we'll all have to just agree to disagree...

11 Sep 2018 thebigunit3000

Per Eric, this deck is called "Crazy Rich Ravens"

11 Sep 2018 podoboyz99

Last year ARES was better, this year QPM was. Simple as that :)

12 Sep 2018 spags

looks at amount of ARES in top 2 Worlds dex...

22 Sep 2018 rojazu

Had a go with this deck P50 - W45 America > UK version