I'm a believer (1st at London GNK)

safepassage 82

I've been playing around with Leela for a while, settling on a list very similar to Best Girl Leela, except with no Corporate Grants and an on-off relationship with PAD Tap.

Having had mixed yet encouraging results with my take on the deck, I decided to bring a more standard version of the list to the Stratford GNK - where, inevitably, Corporate Grant and PAD Tap proved to be the standout players. In the short space of four games, I became a true believer - not a trace of doubt in my mind...

I couldn't bring myself to cut the Beth from my list, though - so Turntable was sacrificed in the name of influence. The deck's economy is largely resource-based, so I tend to spend a number of turns setting up before starting to apply pressure - this synergises really with Beth, who more than earned her spot, generating lots of value and plenty of five-click turns.

I went 4-0 with the deck on the day, beating 2x Azmari, Argus, and NEXT (and riding my luck a fair bit along the way). Playing the deck feels a bit like a race to find Engolo, building up economy along the way while slowing the Corp down with Leela's ID and Corporate Grant. By the time Engolo's out, you tend to be pretty flush and can start to apply pressure while building the rest of the rig - keeping Diversion, Embezzle et al. primed for once HQ is cracked.

I was never happy to see Datasucker or Paragon, so I'm going to try out +1 Hunting Grounds and +1 Hernando Cortez in their place.

My Corp deck was @Mr_Console's Rude Deck Wins Again Again, which went 2-2, running aground big-time against a Citadel Sanctuary and a Film Critic (and their excellent pilots!). Despite the average performance on the day, I think it's an excellent list, with lots of ways to headlock the Runner into letting you score or kill them.

Shout out to my opponents, who were all great fun to play against, and especially to @rusefus for laying on an excellent afternoon of Netrunner!