Hoshipko with Fermenter (31@Worlds)

5N00P1 834

Having played against it at Belgian Nats, it seems to be the strongest Hoshiko Deck I've face with the Banlist 22.09 so with the other Germans we decided to give it a spin.
The main changes where:
+ 1x Liberated Account
+ 1x MKUltra
Mainly to improve the CTM & HB matchups, as running into a Drafter can be devastating. We removed:
- 1x Overclock
and went up to 46 cards.
The deck went very well, also based on the fact I faced many Sports and Stargate & Mad Dash are the MVPs here.

The deck went 4 - 1 on the day (Bye round 1, ID round 7) while my Sports let me down very much, but carried me to be 31th. I would not play it this way again! In most games Liberated feels like a burden. I'll try the Deuces Wild version, which might be better.

22 Oct 2022 ycarium

Good times in Toronto, my friend!

I agree we should have walked down the Deuces path. The Liberateds felt too clunky most times.

23 Oct 2022 5N00P1

Toronto was amazing with you guys!
Yeah in the last years I never was a friend of Liberated, but never forget it depends on the matchups you have during a tournament. Afterwards the best choices is much easier ;-)