Beers 'n Boats (6-0 @ Belgian Nationals 2022)

rubenpieters 78

With the recent banlist, captain Hoshiko now had to import some fermented brews. This list is wonderful to play, was immediately in love with it once its earlier version was being played at continentals. Compared to the drip version, this list enables you to moshing a bit more aggressively, making you hardly ever hard install the Stargates. The Simulchips also allow for lots of cool plays, especially with Fermenter. I'm convinced there's still some room for improving and tweaking the deck, but this version felt at least as smooth as the original drip version for me.

Short summary of my matches:

Round 1

Against hybrid FA/NA PD with NEXT Activation's. Corp struggles to get set up and I get a Stargate down rather quickly. Corp never manages to recover from the not-so-great start and I get the win from the remote after picking up 3 agendas from Archives.

Round 2

Against Formicary/Manegarm Ob. Corp manages to get some double taxing action with Formicary/Manegarm, but with the help of Hippo and generating good money with Fermenter I'm able to sustain myself to get the win.

Round 3

Against Drago/Boom Azmari. Corp doesn't get a great start and I'm able to get a lock on the remote rather quickly. Because of that the Corp gets completely flooded and I find the win in Archives.

Round 4

Against Cheese Jemison. My Black Orchestras are lockdowned early in the game, but I am able to Hippo the relevant code gates so in the end I'm able to still run wherever with ease.

Round 5

Against hybrid Prison / Seamless R+. Made a mistake early in the game attempting to lock the remote, which cost me my boat. With the help of some virus friends I'm able to still manage to get into the remote with ease, and the ticking Fermenters just provide me with massive value.

Top Cut Game

Against Boom/SanSan CTM. I pick up the early ARES behind a Whitespace. HQ stays open for quite a while and with an early DJ Fenris I'm able to get massive value. In the end I do end up tagged with 7 credits on my turn, since I was able to find 2 Booms already I just decide to go tag me. An Amani was kept on board bouncing my boat, but I do manage to pick up the win with a Fermenter + Simulchip Botulus on Tollbooth where a Bellona (which I saw in HQ) was IAA'd to pick up the win. Possibly I should've just sat back and credited up for a more safer line of play, but it managed to work out in the end.

I played classic FA sports, but it didn't fare me that well in the cut as I lost both Corp games in the cut with it.

Everyone at the tournament: thanks for all the games. And remember, handwritten decklists > printed decklists.

26 Sep 2022 ayyyliens

Monster list!

26 Sep 2022 ayyyliens

Printed list still won tho...

26 Sep 2022 rubenpieters

Printed list still won tho...

We'll be back next year for our revenge!

26 Sep 2022 Cpt_nice

I have been playing something very similar to this in SU and it's monstrous. Maybe I should just play it in the main event...

28 Sep 2022 TugtetguT

Looks sweet

28 Sep 2022 5N00P1

Nice deck and good performance I was afraid of it!