Blame... Blame Never Changes (1st 3rd 5th 12th@NANPC Boston)

rongydoge 1334

i am explicitly comparing myself to jesus

On the 17th of May the SBT descended from upon high and spoke:

"this is the age of hosh, any deck that beats it is NPE"

But lo they made an error, had they listened to the enlightened and not pre-rotated NBN they would have succeeded in their aims.

Their hubris was their undoing, and a new -linear combo deck- hero emerged to fight for justice.

Deck Origins:

Imagine kneecapping NBN instead of hitting R+. Combo Sportz is still busted because for some reason hosh's start of turn triggers force every other corp to go to time.

We started with a syd7 sports deck he sent to eric. I studied the archetype for minutes, and eventually reached a breakthrough, which is that we should play rashida, so we put in rashida. Snarebears played the deck for hours, realized that holo man was a waste of influence, and couldn't be fucked to think of a better use for it, so we play 13 inf leaving one for god and one for elijah.

Chris, Eric, Max, and myself played this at NANPC Boston. It placed 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 12th.

How to Play:

It's a dumb combo deck, just score agendas or whatever

What to Ban:

To save valuable tester time, we figured we'd point out some key cards that we think could be banned from this deck for when it's inevitably banned out in the next update.

Audacity: Costs 0, needs to be banned

Megaprix: 2 points for corp, 1 for runner, needs to be banned

RLC: 1/3 of a Biotic that can gain you a credit, needs to be banned

Project Vitruvius: Problem card for more than a decade, needs to be banned twice.

What to Unban:

DreamNet: Hosh needs the help

Pad Tap: Hosh needs the help

Rezeki: Hosh needs the help

Bloo Moose: Hosh needs the help


Syd7 for remembering sportz exists

Snarebears for adding rashida

SBT for pre-rotating NBN AND ignoring hosh

See yall in a few months when they ban Audacity and Red Level Clearance.

28 May 2024 cranked


28 May 2024 ctz

0:12 I have been a prophet since 2018

28 May 2024 Shishu

that 2 free influence is absolutely unhinged.

28 May 2024 jan tuno

under our evil supervision, standard will forever be the reign of Reginald runner

28 May 2024 anarchomushroom

time is a flat rhombus

28 May 2024 Jai


28 May 2024 syd7

Adding Rashida to corps is exactly the kind of inspired deckbuiding the snare bears are known for. Congrats!

28 May 2024 Cliquil

Ah yes, another one of those decklists accusing the SBT of hubris whilst ascribing for themselves the role of a God made flesh. Very normal.

29 May 2024 jan tuno

@Cliquilthis is an anti-SBT zone. Do not interfere.

29 May 2024 Icecreamcollege

Wake up sheeple

30 May 2024 maninthemoon

What a fun throwback, enjoyed the read. Congrats on the fantastic placements and clean DL!

2 Jun 2024 Council

The answer is to ban R&R :)

But we are not living in that timeline, perhaps for the best