[Startup] Reina Ice Denial

JadeCo-Systems 39

Fairly basic startup deck made for one purpose: to pressure the corp into spending more credits than they need to, and punishing them if they don't.

The deck utilizes Xanadu and Reina's ability to heavily tax any ice rezzes, making Forged Activation Orders more useful. Tread Lightly works to facilitate En Passant, as the first ice is going to cost +5, with any further ice costing +4, a steep price for most corps, especially if it's a tall server.

Leech and Ice Carver work to make Mimic and Buzzsaw more usable, as well as helping make Arruaceiras Crew even more effective at trashing ice.

Finally, Privileged Access lets you recur Friend of a Friend and, at threat 3, Fermenter, making it an effective addition to the deck in terms of prolonging install-based econ.