Swipsy-Swapsies (3-1 Kzoo SC)

PureFlight 1066


I'm hoping I can get some hearts on this decklist because I put a word in all caps and included a gif. tumblr_mqcebzNK1D1qzs4fvo1_500.gif

Kit went 3-1 at the Kalamazoo Store Champ, losing only to CtM in a 50 minute game where I ran out of money because I trashed too many Mumbad Virtual Tours. It won against AgInfusion, Architects, and GT Gagarin.

This is a deck that uses a lot of cards with the same triggers on them:

  • Cyberdelia says "The First Time you break subs, get "
  • Daredevil says "The First Time you run, get cards"
  • Multithreader says "The First Time you break subs, get "
  • Inversificator says "The First Time you break subs, go swipsy-swapsies"
  • Kit says "The First Time you something something code gate"

Inversificator is really good, but it can be a little expensive sometimes. That's why there's 21 cards in here that either give you money to spend on Inversificator, or make Inversificator cheaper to use. #IMissMopus

You make one run a turn, so make it a good one with Deep Data Mining, Spooned, Dirty Laundry, or Stimhack.

System Seizure is a 0-cost current, which makes it good for getting rid of corp currents. It also saves you like 6 creds on deep servers against Architects of Tomorrow.

Daredevil is such a good engine piece, but it's hard to afford both it and Inversificator. Could try The Gauntlet instead of the Turning Wheel if I didn't like the mid-game draw Daredevil provides.

Takobi is bae.

14 Mar 2018 rubyvr00m

Love that you got Takobi to work though. Seeing this in action was really cool. Hope you keep tinkering with it.

I think you're spread a bit thin with Artist Colony and Shadow Net. I wonder if you might get more value out of focusing on one or the other and using the open slot for a Same Old Thing to recur Spooned/DDM/Stimhack.

14 Mar 2018 PureFlight

Yeah, I don't know which way I'd go. 2x SMC seems like a decent choice if I had Multithreader down to get free tutoring. #value

If she had like 2 more influence I'd do 2x Multi 2x Stimhack with SMCs. I suppose I could drop the Spooned, and then maybe drop the Shadow/Site package altogether for another DDM or two.

14 Mar 2018 Daine

You are a mad genius. I adore this deck.