You Can Keep Your Hat On - GNK-winning Adam

Epimer 176

3-0 in a GNK, and 5-0 on before that.

Funnily enough there were two other players on Adam lists, and we all had similar reasons why: we find Smoke really boring to play, and what else is there? The reg Anarch list I've been playing feels like it doesn't do anything. Adam does stuff, and is fun. What more can you ask for?

Heavily, heavily based on a list that's been circulating in #adamlounge on the Stimhack Slack, so all credit goes to whoever came up with that.

The only differences between this list and the #adamlounge one I started from is -2 Drug Dealer, -2 Multithreader, +3 Data Folding, +1 GS Shrike M2. GS Shrike M2 is for Tour Guide. I don't think I've ever installed it. Drug Dealer is great in Chris Hinkes' 2016 Worlds list because Temujin gives you enough money until Dr. Lovegood shows up, but I never felt rich enough to safely drop them so they got cut. I hate Multithreader - situational economy that you don't want to see in your opening hand and that will take two turns at least to recoup the cost to play it feels really bad to me in an early game list like this. On the other hand, cutting them makes your late game pretty fragile, so it's ultimately personal preference. Third Scrubber over Paricia because I wanted to keep MU free for Data Folding, but this makes you even more vulnerable to Scarcity of Resources.

I got lucky in dodging the player on AgInfusion with Scarcity. I can't think of a sensible line against that deck, far less a high percentage one.

GNK games:

Game 1 vs Haarpsichord

Got to 4 or 5 points by running through a Pop-up on HQ and Find the Truth R&D snipes. Hunting Grounds did good work against a Data Ward on R&D. Got slowed down by a News Team, grabbed an agenda from the board and sniped an Explode-a with Find the Truth to win.

Game 2 vs Tennin

I really wanted to start Always Be Running here to deny Tennin's ID, but couldn't face the prospect of disgracing all Adam players everywhere by hitting a Snare! on click one with a three card hand, so didn't. Turns out my opponent wasn't on Snare anyway.

All I remember from this is giving my opponent a million Hortum counters by hitting two Space Camps in Archives when I was farming Aumakua counters to keep up HQ pressure. I gave up on denying the ID ability after that. Luckily for me my opponent didn't draw their FA tools, so agendas built up in HQ and that's where Adam wants them.

Game 3 vs NEXT Design

I did start Always Be Running this time because I wanted immediate remote pressure. Turns out it was a HHN/Boom/MCAAP deck, so... yeah. The ice suite was heavy on AI hate, which was a great meta call, so I leaned heavily on the ABR in the end.

I got HHN'd, but trashed one Boom and didn't die before my hand size got big enough to tank a possible second. I trashed that one from R&D too, so felt relatively safe, despite seeing Archived Memories in hand.

Got to 6 points with a clutch Abagnale remote run (would have won then if I'd drawn any of the three Mad Dash by half way through my deck, but never mind) and then poked centrals until I found the last agenda.

24 Oct 2017 NtscapeNavigator

Oh man Top Hat is pretty spicy tech with Find the Truth, as you see the top card before access, nothing? go under it.