[Startup] any% deep dive - 3rd place Ashes to Ashes

SuperStranger 517

Speedrun Start.png

okay first you wanna mulligan for deep dive or swift, get at least one or the other PLEASE

install Mayfly when you got it we’ll probably need it later TRUST ME

just dig for cards until you get deep dive and swift we need them NOW before the corp knows we’re here (look I didn’t pack any recursion you gotta trust me we gotta go now and loud)

if you don’t have deep dive yet just bravado into whatever you see or dirty laundry anything thats open but once per turn is fine we just need like 10 creds maybe but we don’t have TIME to make money we gotta GO GO GO just draw!!! they ran outta the green stuff at the 7-11 but this new blueberry drink is alright I guess

buffer drive is cool if youre diving on jinteki but don’t bother against anybody else

if they try something sneaky in the remote and theyve got like 1 ice just check it because we could probably use whatever agenda theyre trying to get by us also I’M KEN MOTHERF***ING TENMA I go where I WANT

once you have SWIFT and DEEP DIVE and FOUR CLICKS and probably a mayfly in case things go sideways mid run we’re gonna GO FOR IT just inside job or literally anything and GET IN RIGHT NOW!! we have lucky charms and backup plans and this cool lion and we can AND WILL get in those servers at any cost

Speedrun Over.png

next time ill jailbreak my rig so I can pop a buffer drive and jailbreak click 3 for my deep dive cuz this new ice the corps are packing is definitely rude to ME specifically

anyway thanks for listening like and subscribe and ill see you next time when i stream my buddy baklan and i competing to break into NBNs security system and turn on all the sprinklers in victoria jenkins office

12 Jul 2022 asqwasqw

Excellent deck and great writeup! It's funny that the runner decks in the top 8 were either Hoshiko or really fast runners. I do really enjoy sniping Deep Dive out of people's hands with an anenome rez. I will definitely have to give this deck a try sometime.