Overthinking it - 3-3 at GLC Standard Tournament (4th)

bowlsley 510

Unlike my runner deck, where my tinkering largely paid off, here I messed with a perfectly reasonable corp deck and essentially made it worse!

The worst offence was undoubtably switching the three Vacherons for GFIs. In my head I figured this would help me get over my fear of chucking agendas into archives in order to Preemptive them, but in reality it did nothing to stop any of my losses, and if anything made it harder for me (there was at least one game where the extra turns following a Vacheron steal could have given me a chance to respond). Bioroid Work Crew has been almost always useless too. In theory there are some great combos that can be done with it, but in reality it spends most of its time unused in a remote for Fully Op synergy.

Other than that, I think a lot of the matchups simply exposed the severe restrictions of this deck. Like Titan, it's heavily reliant on the right pieces falling into your hands at the right time, and if they don't you're pretty much out of luck. Even with a reasonable draw, a smart runner can make short work of your plans. My first cut match against yaba demonstrated this perfectly when they completely ignored R&D in order to ruin any attempts to set up what I needed in my remote and HQ. All three Bellamys quickly ended up in the bin and I essentially had no outs after that.

If I were to keep this deck idea going I think I'd make it a wee bit more horizontal in future, and try to utilise some better assets to keep my options more open, but at the point I do begin to wonder why I wouldn't just play a much better Asa instead.

Thanks to BlackCherries for organising, and my opponents for some excellent games!

26 Aug 2020 N0R5E

How are you getting Fully Operational synergy if it's not in your deck? Could explain some things.

26 Aug 2020 bowlsley

That's a very good question! I've gone back and forth on so many iterations of this deck that I must have forgotten it wasn't in this one haha.