The Glasshouse Glacier - 2-1 at Norwich SC (7th overall)

bowlsley 72

Me, six months ago: "How on Earth does anyone play two games of Netrunner within an hour? This game is impossible!"

Me today: "If my corp deck doesn't win within 12 turns I might as well concede."


For my first ever SC and a fast Corp deck that I knew was going to live and die by the early-game variance, I'm very happy with its record. I figured it was my best chance of a win on the day (I didn't expect anything from the runner!) and it delivered well, with its only loss coming when lostgeek's 419 managed to steal 15 points worth of agendas and leave me with literally no way of winning.

All credit to Baa Ram Wu and his original decklist which inspired me into making this, this deck exists to construct an almost unbreakable remote as quickly as possible, and then jam agendas into it before the runner has time to react. The platonic ideal of that remote is:

With just those four cards (and only 6 credits of rez costs!), it's almost impossible for a runner to get in, as Mason Bellamy will take all of their clicks until it's time for Border Control to boot them out. Then you score out, find another BC, install another agenda, and you're good to go again. Sometimes, of course, you won't find the Vanillas, but as long as the ICE has some kind of ETR, and you have the cash to pay for it, it will do, and I will often prioritise setting up the remote over protecting centrals purely because I want to go as fast as possible.

Nearly everything else in the deck exists to serve that basic premise - Rashidas, Fully Ops and RLCs for drawing fast, Tranquility and AALs for a little bit of extra cash (and runner turn shenanigans), and Archived Memories over Restore or Team Spo because it allows me to jam a previously trashed Bellamy into a remote alongside an agenda on my first click of the next turn.

Crisium Grid is the only real tech card in here, mainly to theoretically protect me from a DooF that never actually occurred during the tournament. Unsurprisingly this doesn't fare too well against 419 (what does these days!) but I'm convinced that there's a way to crack the matchup without completely rewriting the deck, I just haven't found it yet.

Many thanks to Havvy for organising the tournament, and everyone I played for being so friendly and welcoming!

15 Jul 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Congrats on your finish!! Glad to see this did well in a standard Meta!

Thankyou for the shoutout. Always nice to get one. Has reminded me that I really need to try this out of ASA as oppose to my jankier Seidr option!

I like the crisiums a lot as apoc can make this deck very sad!!

15 Jul 2020 bowlsley

@Baa Ram Wu thanks! There's still work to be done on making this really hold its own, but I do like the core concept. Part of me thinks I should make it more horizontal, with TeamSpos and Cybernetics Courts and the like, but the other part of me prefers the speed of jamming stuff as quickly as possible. I lean towards the latter just because I think there are already several good Asa asset decks that this wouldn't really be much of an improvement on them, but who knows!