Mildly Teched Kits - 2-2 at GLC Standard Tournament (4th)

bowlsley 220

Snuck into the cut via the tiniest of SoS percentage points and then got swiftly and deservedly dumped out straight away (but that was the corp deck's fault, honest). This is a tweaked version of the deck I played at Norwich SC so I'll just briefly mention the changes I've made.

  • Clot - It's not exactly big news to say that Shapers love Clot, but it's still true. Saved the day in one Titan matchup and was one click away from saving me in another (I drew SMC with my very last click of the game, sad face).

  • Imp - Just a superb card, and being a program, another good tool for Shapers. Works great as a costly asset trasher, a Vacheron neutraliser, a Punitive avoider, and a HQ operation denial/psuedo-multi-access tool. What's not to love? (Oh yeah, the inf requirement)

  • Compile - Another fantastic card. I originally put it in as a means of getting one-shot Imp runs, but it ended up being useful a lot of other times too - pulling out my expensive breaker for cheap, or a clutch Pelangi.

  • Citadel Sanctuary - I never ended up using it in the tournament but that was due to the matchups (2 Sportmetals, 2 Titans) more than any failings with the card. Has proven invaluable in practice games against CtM and murdery Weyland types, the latter of which are very strong at the moment, so it will stay for the foreseeable future.

  • Cyberdelia - With the addition of yet more programs this deck needed more memory, and I think it runs enough to justify the inclusion of this over its cheap and cheerful cousin.

  • Gebrselassie - Dropped because this deck is reasonably comfortable money-wise that I'm not sure it needs it. I never installed it at Norwich SC and I don't think I've missed it since I cut it.

  • Stimhack, Hunting Grounds, The Turning Wheel, the third Harbinger - Sob. I've considered trying to make inf space to bring back a Stimhack and a Hunting Grounds, but the only real targets for cutting are the other two Harbys, and finding one early is such a good recovery from installing ProCo that I'm not sure it's worth it.

Many thanks to BlackCherries for organising the tournament, and all the other competitors for the excellent games!