Hoshiko Wants a Boat: Undefeated* at Seattle ECG Shindig

Runaway 156

My version of the Hoshiko Boat deck. I couldn't figure what to cut to make space for Clot so it's 46 cards. The Simulchip are amazing with Fermenter, and they help threaten for clot along with the Gachapon.

Round 2, win vs Eli’s Ob: This game started off slow for me until I got the boat pressure on.

Round 4, tie vs Jared’s MirrorMorph: I whiffed on so many Stargate runs but was able to use Simulchip/Clot to prevent any FA tricks after time was called.

Thanks Radiant/Sam for running a great tournament, and everyone in EGC for testing reps at weekly meetups.